Correction Coefficient for Exchange Rate

You can set the correction coefficient to handle the crypto volatility risk.

The correction coefficient is a percentage applied to the exchange rate during customer purchase and affects the price which is shown for buyers in cryptocurrency. 0% means that the exchange rate is equal to current market value, a higher percentage will increase the exchange rate and as a result the amount buyer pays and merchant receives. It helps merchants to mitigate the volatility risk.


An example:

You set the 5% for ETH, the invoice amount is 1544,46 EUR and the current market rate is equal to 1 ETH = €1,539.51 EUR, then when buyer selects ETH during payment he will see the course 1 ETH is EUR 1622,46 and the invoice amount will be counted according to a new exchange rate

Key takeaways:

  • You can set the correction coefficient pecentage for each currency.
  • 0 means that the exchange rate is taken from market without any change.
  • The higher the percentage specified in the table, the greater the price for the buyer.


The exchange rate cannot exceed 10%

To get started with auto-conversion:

  1. Navigate to the Exchange rate settings.
  2. Provide the update for each currency
  3. Save the updates
  4. That's it! The volatility is covered