The onboarding process in KUNA Pay is when merchants are registered and verified before you can start using the platform to process crypto transactions. This process ensures that only legitimate merchants are granted access to the system and prevents fraudulent activities.


Merchants must first register on the KUNA Pay.

You may register:

  • by providing their email address and password
  • with Google account
  • with KUNA Pro account
    • When you have the verified account on KUNA Pro, then the Individual verified account will be created right after registration. Please be mindful that individuals are subject to transaction limits.

Account creation

The merchant needs to create an account.

Individual account

Fits for those small personal accounts that don't have entrepreneur verification yet. Individual accounts can't receive more than 15 000 EUR per day and this account type doesn't allow to invite other members.

Entrepreneur account

The entrepreneur account is tailored for small business's use. It allows higher transaction limits, provides business-oriented functionalities, and enables the account holder to invite other members, fostering collaboration within the business environment.

Legal entity account

The legal entity account is designed for formal business entities such as corporations or organizations. It provides specialized features to accommodate the needs of businesses, allowing higher transaction limits and supporting collaboration by enabling the invitation of other members within the legal entity.


The complexity of the verification form varies depending on the account type. Verification usually takes around 10 minutes. However, if any issues arise, the process may extend to up to a week. Please review the details on each verification type via the link: Verification

Account is successfully verified

Once all verification checks are successfully passed, the account will be approved to use the platform and can start accepting crypto payments globally.